This is a self-paced course for yoga teachers and curious yoga practitioners. You do not have to be a yoga teacher.

This training is about how YOU can combine the healing modalities of Ayurveda and the chakras in your own personal yoga practice. From there you will have a deep layer of personal understanding if you choose to share through your own offerings.

You will learn the connection between yogic philosophy + chakra healing as it relates to Ayurveda philosophy and specific asana.

You will also be to explore your own body and mind with more awareness that will empower you to make choices based on bringing the chakras and doshas into balance so that you feel happier and more whole.

This course covers:

  • A Vedic perspective of the chakras
  • Real life application that's simple, easy and powerful
  • A break down of the physical body: dhatus, subdoshas and more
  • A breakdown of the energetic body: nadis, kundalini
  • Sound vibration
  • Specific poses and yoga practices to support each chakra as they relate to Ayurvedic balance

Additional Perks:

  • Recorded home yin yoga practices for each chakra
  • Home practice template
  • The Foundations of Ayurveda: the five elements, the three doshas, the basics of digestion and the immune system
  • Prakriti: A deeper look at the doshas + figuring out your constitution
  • Intuitive Energy Practices

For Yoga Teachers:

  • Class plan templates
  • Crafting personal shares

This course can be used for 10 CEUs with Yoga Alliance.

Course Curriculum

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Hi, I’m Angela.

Ayurveda and Yoga are sisters sciences that are incomplete without the other. By choosing to incorporate the two you are giving the gift of wholeness to yourself and your yoga students.

Yoga has been a part of my life for more than a decade. When I started getting serious about Ayurveda, everything just clicked for me and I couldn't not teach it in my weekly yin and vinyasa flow classes. The trainings I offer here are the culmination of years of study in alignment, creative sequencing, yoga philosophy and more.

For the past few years I have created and led in-person 30-hour trainings in yin, prenatal and kids yoga as well as various workshops in yoga sequencing and Ayurveda philosophy.

The Simple Ayurveda School offerings are my heart and soul.

I invite you to join me in balancing and broadening your Yoga practice and teaching in a way that is simple and blissful.

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Journaling prompts are included so that the information comes alive for you to apply into your real, modern day life.


Email your Yoga class plans or sequences for feedback. Ask questions as they pop up. I'm here to support you.